The tournament is sanctioned by Hockey Québec. 

Important dates 

Tournament dates: January 25 to 30, 2022. 


The tournament is held for categories AA – BB – A and B. 

General rules

The rules of play are those of the Administrative Rules of Hockey Québec and the A.C.H.A.

Specific rules 

1. Reception 

Upon arrival in Rivière-du-Loup, teams must go to the Premier Tech Center (75 Frontenac Street) to receive additional information. The team manager must be present at the registrar’s office one hour and a half (1h30) before the first game to hand in the documents (team binder). For the other games, the teams must present themselves one (1) hour before each game. Each player will have to sign the line-up sheet and it will have to be given to the registrar before each game. 

2. Fair Play 

The fair play program applies during the tournament. 

3. Number of players 

Teams shall have a maximum of nineteen (19) players in uniform: seventeen (17) players and one (1) or two (2) goalies. 

4. Team binder 

The team binder, required by Hockey Québec, is mandatory at our tournament. It must include all the documents listed below: 

a. The team registration form including regular players, affiliates and coaching staff, approved by an association, league or region registrar. This form must be an original and signed by all registrants prior to the team’s registration in the tournament. Hockey Québec Regulations 10.9.10. 

b. The league’s game schedule.

c. The tournament permit.

d. Scoresheets (last 5 games). 

5. Color of jerseys 

In the event that the colors of the jerseys do not contrast, a set of jerseys will be provided by the tournament organization. However, if one of the two teams has two sets of jerseys, the Rivière-du-Loup Provincial Pee-Wee Snow Tournament reserves the right to require that team to wear the jersey that contrasts the most with their opponent’s. 

Local: dark jersey  Visitor: light jersey

6. Tournament Format 

This will be a win-lose tournament for all categories. 

7. Duration of the games

Each team must be ready to play on the ice fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled time. The tournament reserves the right to start the game within this time frame. A three-minute warm-up period is provided before the game. 

Each team will play a minimum of three (3) games. During the tournament, the first period of each game is 10 minutes timed, the 2nd and 3rd periods are 12 minutes timed. For the final games of each category, the 3 periods will be 12 minutes long. There will be an overtime period in accordance with Hockey Québec rules. 

After two (2) periods, if the difference between the two (2) teams is 7 goals and/or more, the time will not be timed (continuous time) and will remain as it is regardless of the decrease in the difference (article 10.6.5 of Hockey Québec’s Administrative Regulations). Penalty time is timed throughout the game. 

The ice surface will be done after the second period of each game. The tournament management reserves the right to modify the resurfacing period at any time. Teams will be notified prior to the start of the game. When the teams return for the third period, only the five (5) starters and the goaltender will be allowed on the ice, while the others will be seated at their respective benches. 

8. Time-out

No time-outs will be given in the preliminary round games. Only one time-out will be allowed for each team in the semi-finals and finals. 

9. Penalty Shot

There will be a penalty shot in all cases where this rule is to be applied. 

10. Overtime Regulations 

During semi-final and final games of each tournament sanctioned by Hockey Québec, after the application of the rules governing the fair play formula, in the event of a tie after the three (3) periods of regulation play, there will be an overtime period as follows 

a) There will be a ten (10) minute overtime period at stopped time with a line-up of four (4) players per team plus a goalkeeper with the exception of the penalized players who must serve their penalty and the application of the rules of the Franc Jeu formula (a team that has lost its Franc Jeu point will play short of a player during the first five minutes of overtime). The first goal scored ends the game. 

b) After this ten (10) minute overtime period, if the game is still tied, a shootout will take place as per Hockey Québec Article 10.7.2. 

11. Discipline Committee

In the event of a dispute, a committee, under the chairmanship of a person mandated by the Rivière-du-Loup Provincial Pee-Wee Snow Tournament organization, will analyze the case. 

12. Draw

The visiting and receiving teams are determined in advance according to the established schedule. However, for the finals, a draw will determine the visiting team and the home team. The draws will take place before the finals in the presence of a member of the tournament organization. 

13. Locker Rooms

Teams have twenty minutes after their game to leave their dressing room. A team chaperone must remain with the players to ensure order and that the players leave the premises within the required time. The team will be responsible for the cleanliness and property of others. If there is a breakage in the room, the offending team will have to pay for the damage and could be expelled from the tournament. 

14. Responsibility 

The tournament organization will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of material, bodily injuries or other damages incurred by participants during the Rivière-du-Loup Provincial Pee-Wee Snow Tournament. Please note that it is also the responsibility of the team management to go to the registrar’s office to obtain the key to the players’ rooms and to lock all the doors (exit door and bathroom/shower room door). Please note that we will ask you to leave a key ring at the registrar’s office in exchange for the key to ensure that the key is returned at the end of the game. 

15. Miscellaneous

a) Players must remain in their rooms until the teams playing before them have returned to their respective rooms. However, goalkeepers will be allowed to leave the room to do stretching exercises while remaining in the players’ room section. 

b) The tournament medical staff may declare a player unfit to participate in a game. 

c) Music will be tolerated at moderate volume in the players’ room. 

d) No ball hockey or other games are permitted in the hallways of the rink. 

16. Snowstorm, Wind and Glaze Policy.  

In the event of severe snowstorms, winds or glaze, government authorities no longer hesitate to close roads. 

Tournaments are faced with this dilemma. Since they often take place in a short period of time, it is impossible to leave these dates. Hockey Québec does not have a specific policy on these situations. 

Therefore, Hockey Bas-Saint-Laurent has instituted a policy applicable during storms that states the following: 

a) If one of the two (2) teams shows up and the other does not, the team that showed up is declared the winner. And the free franc-jeu point is awarded. 

b) If neither of the two (2) teams show up, a draw will be held to determine the winning team. And there is no franc-jeu point. 

c) If possible, extend the tournament in the following days. 

d) Cancel the tournament. 

We are counting on your collaboration!